The definition of the word "theory" in science differs from its definition when used in the vernacular. In popular usage, the word "theory" means little more than one's personal opinion; in science, a theory is a complex model of how some aspect of the universe works, which is supported by a large body of empirical observation and which has survived multiple attempts at falsification. This is a case of one word having two totally different meanings--like the "mouse" that eats cheese versus the device that glides atop your mousepad.

Clearly, you either honestly do not understand the difference or don't want to. Science is NOT a matter of what we choose to believe. Global warming is NOT a scam.

How can you not believe in something like global warming, for which a mountain of objective evidence exists, yet be impressed by a boiling water stunt that any semi-talented stage magician can duplicate?

I am genuinely floored by this!