Chi is the most volatile issue on the boards... the two camps, those that believe it exists and those that don't are polarized worse than the positive and negative of magnetism.

For some people, they have to be able to explain everything in exact detail and know why. They cannot simply accept the facts as they are, and must have a scientific explanation of everything in the finite world. To them, I'm still waiting on the "scientific proof" of how the universe was created... there are lots of "scientific theories", but nothing that shows positive scientific proof of anything... it's ALL theory. Others simply believe whatever their religion taught them about the creation of the universe, and go on with their daily lives. To them, it isn't necessary to prove how every molecule of the world happened, or how it continues to exist, they simply accept the fact that it does, and go on with life.

Clearly, the Tibetan Monks have something with their body control that is "out of the ordinary". They call it CHI. I don't lose a moment's sleep over whether or not it's "real" or not, I simply admire their ability to do what they do. Clearly, they have the ability...(proved scientifically, but of course only if you accept the research) to do these extrordinary things. Duplicating that in martial applications somehow has a total disconnect for the "disbelievers", and they have to completely recycle the argument every single time it comes up.


The reason I use all these quotes is because I am not a scientist and have no research conducted in this area so finding the best available scientific studies is crucial.

My question is "why?". Clearly, you won't change the mind of those that "looked inside their radios and didn't see any radio waves, so they don't exist"... even though they can see the results and develop the information they have received from the broadcast.

Years ago, I went to a seminar that one of the Judo masters from the Kodokan was making, and he had with him a Zen master from one of his local temples. After the Judo class, the Zen teacher gave a lecture that was translated by one of the entourage, and as he delivered the lecture, stood with his hand in a pot of boiling water. When he finished, he withdrew his hand, dried it off, and it was not even red from the heat of the water. "This is the power of the mind" was his "closing statement".

That might not be "scientific proof" but it sure as hell got my attention, and was a very dynamic demonstration of what he could do. I wouldn't attempt to scientifically describe what happened, but (again) it really got my attention and was done as part of the "mental training" aspect of the Judo clinic.

There are lots of film available of the "fire walkers" in Japan, who display their skills at festivals, but the "scientific community" always dismiss it as a "trick" rather than a demonstration... so how you craft the language of the argument has a lot to do with whether something is "real" or not. The whole "global warming" scam is a "scientific consensus" of people who needed a new avenue to scam money from the governments, so they concocted this "chicken little" story about climate change to give them a vehicle for it. They have no concept of scale, actual meteorological experience, or climate data to back up their "theory" and governments are "falling in line" simply from being scared by the nay-sayers or lining up at the feed trough for "grants" to do "research". It's the biggest boondoggle of all time.

As for "scientific proof", it depends on whether or not you choose to believe it... not the actual facts involved. Just like global warming, chi "vendors" and disbelievers have their beliefs and will ridicule anyone who offers "scientific" analysis. It's how science is refuted.
"My science is better than your science"... like children in a schoolyard.

I wouldn't get too upset about it... just keep training. If you believe that chi works, use it... if not, do what you're taught and work with that.

What man is a man that does not make the world a better place?... from "Kingdom of Heaven"