These studies have unlimited possibilities for MA. The capabilities of the monks to control their internal organs in extreme conditions is fascinating. What got me into this research from a MA perspective is the ability to control the "fight or flight mechanism".

To have the ability to call upon that adrenaline when needed would be a major benefit in a SD situation. When most people step into a MA school for the first time people are getting screamed at, people are getting punched and kicked, the heart starts pumping and you just hope to make it through class. After going there for some time you get used to all that and become part of the group. Doing SD in a MA school is one thing but to use it to defend yourself is really quite different. In a SD situation the mind sees a threat and the body reacts sending the internal organs into a frenzy but with no control over them. When the "fight or flight mechanism" kicks in and you are unable to control it, the mind no longer thinks rational and that is when bad things can happen.

I've seen many fighters before a ring fight with great stamina tire out rather quickly because they were unable to control their pre-fight jitters and they tired themselves out from the stress of the situation before they even stepped into the ring. To have control over these types of situations is crucial for a MA but seems to be neglected.

Here's another good study


The reason I use all these quotes is because I am not a scientist and have no research conducted in this area so finding the best available scientific studies is crucial. I could type endless pages of what "I" think but who cares if I can't back it up with any studies.

I can't explain what the monks did scientifically that is why I use Dr. Benson's research. If his research is not science to you then I don't no what else to tell you. So if he can't explain it good enough to you how can I? You criticize people for not bringing in the science but I have yet to see you offer any science on this subject only your opinions. If you have good science please put up a link.

A bad research paper is just what you think, a good research paper is what you believe backed up by the best research possible. The study I posted you called "bs". By doing that you did not "dispute things" like you may think. Like you have been saying where is the "science".