The Lower Dan Tian is regarded today as th second brain, your body's "battery" which can store a bioelectric charge. Qi is the energy or lifeforce within every cell of our body. It cannot yet be clearly defined, but it consists largely of the bioelectricity produced by the body's metabolism. When the bioelectricity storage has reached a high level, the vital energy manifested by the physical body will be strong. Naturally, you will be healthy and have a long life.

Just a small point. I got to roughtly the same conclusion with my findings if you read my input on this thread. If you care to look at where I was typing about the ionization of the sodium atom. I cant see how it is stored though?

Interesting that I looked at the realistic interpretation based on my limited knowledge of biology/science not just quoting other peoples works or stating he is an eminent proffesor there fore it must be good. Anybody care to break down exactly what he is doing in a realistic science way?
Could we look at the reality of a monk sitting out in the cold and biologicaly why he doesnt get hyperthermia?

Have any of you had hyperthermia?

Thought not. It would seem it is on the lines of just quote the quoted.

The questions are there if you care to answer them.

Why has it gone silent again when people dispute things?
Why are the arguments never based on biology or science from some people on this thread?