Dr. Herbert Benson's credibility is impeccable when it comes to this kind of research. He Graduated from Harvard. Was a associate professor there for over 30 years, and has been a pioneer in this field for over twenty five years. You don't get to use Harvard's money, equipment, personal, and their good name to do some bs experiments.

Here is a link to a vast amount of research on Chi and meditation from institutions like Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. These studies were done by Neuroscientists, Biochemists, Psychiatrists, and Molecular scientists. All leading scientists in their given fields.

Whenever a "chi" or "meditation" topic comes up the chi skeptics ask for "scientific data" well here it is. But it seems the people who usually mock this on here and ask for "evidence" are quietly not joining this topic. So really they never wanted to see the research, but just mock people instead. These studies are not from some group like "Buddhist on cloud nine" or "Taoist in the void" but rather from the most respected Universities in the world.

Just because a study takes a long time does not make the results any-less genuine. The Tibetan Monks sitting in freezing temperatures all night long on a mountain top, with nothing but a loin cloth on, with no signs of shivering are showing a great ability at ("a clear mind is one that can concentrate on a given task. One that can be controlled to not allow worry or fear or any negative thoughts to get in the way of a specific goal. To block out unneeded distractions. ")achieving these tasks.