Research proceeded slowly and intermittently until February 2001, when Benson's team received a $1.25 million grant from Loel Guinness, via the beer magnate's Kalpa Foundation, established to study extraordinary human capacities.

Nice grant they got and for that amount who knows what
findings will appear. Makes a good story that amount of money. Could have been better spent somewhere else on some other kind of research. It rings of B/S.
I am sceptical about a lot of claims made by people. I suppose the heart rate can be controlled by
the person as opposed to natural control through the brain by breathing. But I cant see the point or I doubt if it is indeed possable to directly control the other organs.

To me a clear mind is one that can concentrate on a given task. One that can be controlled to not allow worry or fear or any negative thoughts to get in the way of a specific goal. To block out un-needed distractions.


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