As the title says! This will help me keep my cocentration and motivation up. My pecs, shoulders and biceps have already pumped up slightly after 1 week so much for a few years to see some results!

My triceps have always been slow to grow ill try hitting them with skullcrushers this week.

Current Stats

6 foot
18.6% Body Fat

Bench: 40KG
Squat: 65KG

My routine following week one:

Tues: Chest and Abs
Bench: 4x8-(35-40KG)
Incline Flye: 4x8-10-(25KG)
Incline Press: 4x8-(40KG)
Weighted Cruch: 4x8-10-(10KG)

Wed: Legs
Squat: 4x8-10-(65KG)
Leg Curls: 4x8-10-(55KG)
Leg Press: 4x8-10-(110KG)
Calve Raise: 3x8-10-(60KG)

Thurs: Back and Bi's
Weighted Chins/Lat Pulldown: 4x8-10-(45KG)
Seated Rows: 4x6-8-(45KG)
Shrugs: 4x8-10-(60KG)
Barbell Curls: 4x8-10-(25/30KG)

Friday: Shoulders and Tri's
Barbell Overhead Press: 4x6-8-(40KG)
Lateral Raise: 4x8-10-(16/18KG)
Dumbell Press: 3x8-10-(25/30KG)
Pushdowns/Skull crushers: 4x8-10-(30kg/)

Currently cutting for 2 weeks to decrease body fat level.
Increase Bench, Squat and Pullups.
Build some lean muscle.

Today i had to eat: Pasty for Breakfast (naughty me), Tuna Sandwich for lunch. Fat Free Cottage cheese and a slice of fish for Tea, i will start properly cutting tomorrow.

Next post tuesday...

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