Last night's class was a review of this material:

We also worked a mount to back drill, letting the opponent turn under you in progressive stages, catching him in S-mount, then taking his back as he turned. We then did an active drill keeping the back mount. After getting an over/under grip with the hands, the opponent attempts to roll and dislodge you. Very draining for the person doing the rolls! As the person on the back, sometimes you have to anticipate which way the opponent will roll, sometimes you can force them one way or the other. I crashed my neck pretty good when I turned my head the wrong way as my partner attempted to roll me off. OUCH. Luckily, no damage done, and I feel OK today.

Tried the side control escape (again) from this thread :

Still didn't work for me. Must be missing something with it, but not sure what. I did successfully work underhooks with my partner, who usually crushes and taps me out quickly from side-control. Almost worked the Gracie roll-to-back-mount from north/south position. Scared the top guy enough that I was able to get a sweep and take top position myself.

Was able to get a real nice upa against one of the blue belts, and rolled out of an RNC/bodylock combo that he tried.

Got several compliments on my defense, so that was nice. Still need to work my subs and offensive attempts a lot more, though. Good class overall - and I almost didn't go because my stomach was not in agreement at all.
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