Last night's class was a review of this material:

Had some fun during free-rolling. We started off with some regular gi-stuff. I tried working some different escapes from the bottom, including rolling out from being stacked, and "going out the back door" from someone trying to take my back. Both worked fairly well. I also got caught in a triangle, and tried a "3 point shell" defense against it. This is basically just putting your hand on top of your head to create a bit of space around your neck so you can breathe. It worked very well, allowing me to get to my feet and break the hold, although my partner's triangle was so strong that he crushed my bicep somehow. Very sore today!

He did end up tapping me out with something else later, though.

We then rolled a no-gi match. Did Ok, although I ended up getting caught in an armbar at the end.

Then we did some rare stand-up kicky-punchy stuff. Did a bit better with that!