Mike -

All the matches did indeed start from the feet. I tried to be aggressive in initiating takedowns - although I only know two (single leg and double leg). The first guy stuffed my shoot, and we scrambled back to feet. We clinched up, and after some circling/feints, he caught me with a judo stomach throw.

The second guy and I also started off clinched/circling. He attempted a takedown, but I was able to catch him in guard before we hit the ground. He immediately stood up out of it. I released guard and went to a double ankle-hooking sweep, taking him down, and getting on top. The rest is history.

I am somewhat embarassed to admit that I think I am the only one from my school that did not win one single match.

I did realize that I am nowhere near ready to be a blue belt, if I had any doubts to start with.

Sorry, I did not take video, but some other people did. If I can get links, I will put them up.

I did at least learn two new escapes while watching some of the blues and purples roll. A knee-ride escape that involved simply pulling the ankle of the leg on your body, and sitting up out of the knee-ride. Looks simple enough, I'll try it in the next class.

The other was a very cool Americana shoulder lock from side-control escape. This involves underhooking the opponent with the arm that is not being attacked, and going to your belly, while walking your body away from the opponent. Can't wait to try that one, too.
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