Last night's class was review of this material:

We also worked a half-guard escape (you on top, with the opponent trapping one of your legs). The escape involves drawing the foot of the trapped leg towards your body, in order to raise your knee straight up. This makes it very difficult for the opponent to "hang on" to the leg ie; he needs to keep the lock above your knee to trap it effectively. You can get the foot close by inching it heel/toe style, or simply grabbing and pulling with your hand.

After you get your knee pointed up, take your elbow (same side as the trapped leg), and push into the side of his knee to slide his leg "over the cliff" down past your shin. Once past the crest of your knee, gravity will help to drop the opponent's knee to the floor. Immediately drop your formerly trapped knee to the ground, to the outside of his leg to gain mount.

Class ran late due to a visiting judo instructor and his girlfriend training with us. So I only got in two cycles of active drills and one round of free-sparring, because I watched the judo instructor working with one of the other guys in class.

The active drill was the normal mount/guard escape, but this time the guy on top was to use standing passes instead of staying down. This was different and fun. I did pretty well in both instances, getting passed here and there, but getting some good sweeps from the bottom.

Free-rolled with one of the blue-belts, who tapped me twice in 5 minutes. Felt OK with it though, as I was working good strategy with him - he's just better than me.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin