Heh. JasonSig did a pretty good write up on the class last night, so I will be semi-lazy and just link his thread here:



Once we got done drilling that we did 3 kinds of chokes, I don't remember what the first was because things were coming at me pretty fast, the second was basically the rear naked choke (again can't remember what the actual term was for it), and the last was a lapel type of choke from the back that seemed quite potent if you can get it on.

The first choke we did was half-nelson lapel choke from S-mount. It starts with you in mount, and the opponent attempts to roll to his side. You get S-mount (one knee behind their shoulder/neck, and the other foot posted tightly in front of their body, to keep them from rolling out. You get a loose grip on their collar (far side collar from the floor, with your bottom hand closest to their hip), and punch it down and across their throat. Reach around and behind their head with the other hand, and grab the lapel collar. Take the hand that was originally holding the lapel under/through the armpit and around the opponent's head, half-nelson style. Pull up on the collar, and push the head in and down towards the lapel with the other hand for the choke.

The second choke was the standard Rear Naked Choke (RNC), also known as the Back choke. Emphasis on keeping the arm "loose" as it goes around the opponent's neck. Your hand should end up on your own shoulder, as high as possible, to take away the space around the opponent's neck. The instructor also made a point of placing the other hand on the back of your own skull, as opposed to the opponent's skull. This will make it more difficult for them to "peel" you hand off, neutralizing the choke.

The third choke was a lapel version of the RNC. From back mount, you secure a "loose" grip on the same-side lapel of the opponent (ex: your left hand to their left lapel). Pull the lapel open (away from their neck), and quickly insert your other hand across and inside, as high up on their neck as possible. Grip should be palm down, with the thumb inside the lapel. With that grip secure, take the hand that originally opend the lapel, and grab across to the other side lapel. Pull down with that hand as you pull back with the other to get the choke. Very powerful choke!

Did pretty poor in active drills and free-rolling today. Repeatedly got mounted, and had a hard time escaping. I did almost get a crucifix submission on a blue-belt, but couldn't quite get it locked in before he escaped. Then he tapped me out 2 (3?) times in 5 minutes. He also repeatedly took me down from standing, using a judo shoulder throw when I tried to sprawl.

A bit disappointed with myself this class. But there's always next time.

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