Attack series from guard last night.

We started working the standard armbar from guard. Trap one of the opponent's arms, and post your foot on the same-side hip as the arm you are trapping. Pinch your knee in tight to his arm to make it difficult for him to pull it away. Push on his hip with your foot, and start to throw your other leg over his shoulders and across his neck. Keep pressure on him to keep his posture down. Remember to pull on the trapped arm as you push, and turn your body towards the opposite side of his body from the arm you have trapped (you should end up almost perpendicular to him). Now raise your hips off the ground, and take your foot off his hip. Slide your leg over the same shoulder you already have trapped. Pull the arm and lift your hips gor the submission.

Next was the triangle choke. Starts similar to the armbar. You have trapped one or both of the opponent's wrists, and are setting up for the armbar. However, the opponent pulls his arm out before you can trap it. As he pulls his arm out, keep the other one trapped. Immediately throw your leg (same side as the arm he has pulled out) over his neck, as you twist your body to that same side (ex: he pulls his right arm out, you throw your left leg over his neck, and twist to the left). Pull the opponent's opposite side arm across your body, and hook your other leg over the leg already across the opponent's neck, figure 4 style. Knees should be pinched together tightly. Squeeze your legs together for the submission. Pull the opponent's head down if neccesary.

We also did some kend of sweep ending up in mount, don't remember the name. It was similar to the omoplata, with your leg coming up under the armpit of the opponent, and driving it foward and down to to roll the opponent over. I had a hard time with it, and didn't really get it down.

I just kept ending up in omoplata position instead of mount.

Did a few sessions of limited and free-rolling. I am starting to figure out that I totally suck at escaping side-control. Woof. One guy tapped me out twice in 5 minutes from side-control. I did defend well using open-guard against one guy, and got 3 submissions in a 5 minute round against another.

Overall, a good class, but I see I really need to get my side-control defenses much better - pathetic right now.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin