Attack series from guard last night.

We started with the Kimura from guard. This involves trapping one of the opponent's wrists on the ground, (ex: my right to his left) unlocking your closed guard, and "swinging" your upper body up and to 45 degrees on the elbow of the arm your grabbing his wrist with.

* Very important not to sit straight up into the opponent - he will push you right back down. That's why the 45 degree angle is used.

Your other arm swings across and over the shoulder (and on the inside of the opponent's forearm) of the arm you have trapped, ending up grabbing your own wrist Figure-4 style. At this point, you should be pushing off your opposite (far side) foot, turning yourself 90 degrees to face in to the side of your opponent. Now swing your other leg (same side as the trapped arm) over his back. Keep it pressed tightly down, trying to touch your foot to your other knee on the other side of his body - or figure 4 your legs if you can. This will keep him from escaping over your leg.
Keeping his upper arm pressed to your chest, drag his arm up (in the direction of his elbow) to get the submission.

We then worked the (don't know the technical term) forward hip-bump sweep. This is used when the opponent uses posture to lean back away from the kimura attempt above. It starts off identical to the Kimura attempt above, Instead of grabbing the opponent's wrist mirror image as above, you post that arm out behind you as you swing your other arm across and over his shoulder. Trap that arm across your body as you raise your hips up off the ground. Now, take your hip and slam it into his chest as high as possible, turning him in the direction of his trapped arm. You should end up in mount.

* Very important to post the arm BEHIND you, not off to the side.

Last was the Guillotine from guard. This also starts the same way as the others, going for the Kimura by trapping his wrist mirror-image style (my right to his left). But this time the opponent leans forward and in to stop the attempt. So, instead of trying to trap his arm, you take your other arm and wrap it over his head and around his neck. Your wrist should end up right on his windpipe. At the same time, you have to "scoot" out and away from the opponent enough to create space to get both of your arms in between you and the opponent. Take your other hand underneat the opponent's chin and grab your own wrist.

Now scoot back in and lock the guard on tight. Lean back, while expanding your chest and turning your wrist in towards the opponet's throat for the submission. Remember to "push away" with your hips as well.

* Be prepared to keep "scooting" as the opponent will be resisting the entire time.

Was very pleased with my free-rolling and active drills this class. Very effectively remembered to use my hooks in open guard work. Worked the single leg takedown effectively as well. Got an elevator sweep (Thanks for the video Aesopian!), and generally had good positional control. Was pretty good about not leaving my arms in bad position.

Attempted an armbar/omoplata series, but didn't get them. Made the guy sweat defending them, though.
I got a semi-crucifix kind of neck/spine crank on one guy.

I did get submitted once by a bicep slicer - very painful!

Wow, it's really hard to write all this cr4p out!
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin