Open-guard class last night.

We worked the open-guard hooking sweep, and the open-guard "reaping" sweep. I like the hooking sweep, which involves capturing one of the opponent's arms, hooking one of his ankles with your hand. Hook his other leg with your instep (going behind his knee or ankle), and pushing the heel of your other foot into his hip, he should go down. Follow his momentum and come up in mount.

Reaping sweep I have a hard time with. Can't seem to get the opponent stretched out enough to make the reap work. Meh.

My instructor also threw in a bit of MMA, having us work on the "upkick" from open guard, as well. One guy stood up holding a kick pad, and the guy on the bottom had to do up kicks for 30 second rounds, switching legs every round. Each cycle then switched places with the partner. Emphasis on posting on the opponent's upper thigh/hip to launch the kick. Fun stuff.

Spent the entire free-rolling time pretending I was Medulanet.

Worked standing to takedown, then going to open-guard (never was able to get mount). Anytime the opponent pulled guard on me, I stood up out of it. If I ended up pulling guard, I would disengage, scramble to my knees, and push forward out of it. Worked pretty much every time against similar skill level. Wanted to work some butterfly guard sweeps as well, but wasn't good enough about getting my hooks in.

Overall, good class. Getting more comfortable with open guard. School will be closed till after New years, for the holiday.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin