Thanks man. You are too kind. We're in the same boat my friend--we train as much as we can with limited time and resources. Wish it were different but that just ain't the hand we've been dealt lately, huh?

I'm doing my best to work with some guys in York. I have the Masterclass Grappling curriculum and there are a couple of guys interested in working some technique a few days a week. You are always welcome to join us though I know your time is limited, what with commuting from Baltimore. But, if you'd like me to let you know when we plan to get together I will include you in my e-mails if you'll send me your address.

I also hope to make it up to Mike's as much as possible. I'll probably do what you've been doing and make it up there one day a week--probably Thursday's noon class (and maybe on Tuesdays if the wife says it's okay!)

Later bud.