Takedown and breakfall class last night.

Bleh. Probably my least favorite aspect of grappling training. Not only am I unfamiliar with many of the techniques, my approaching-40-year-old knees and hips do not care for the practice, either.

We started with front and back rolls on both sides. Those I can do OK, having done those frequently in AKK and JKD.

Side falls.......meh. Can keep myself from getting killed, but that's about it. Need work on those.

Low single leg takedown - I like this one, and as long as I don't think about it, I can do it fluidly. If I stop to try to think about what knee goes down (mirror image to the opponent ie; my right to his left) and what arm goes down (opposite arm to the knee that goes down), I get paralyzed.

High single leg - I like this one, too. Provided that I can get in range, this is a good one. Getting under the opponent's knee while ramming them backwards is key to getting thier weight off the leg you are trying to pick up. I had a bit of trouble remembering to trap their leg between mine before using the side of my head to push them down.

Standing double leg - I know a version of this move already. My instructor showed a variation which caused me utter paralysis with this move. After grabbing behind both opponent's knees, you jam your hips forward, and tilt the opponent over your shoulders, as you turn into them almost 180 degrees. I have trouble with my hips, and popped something while trying to do the move while my instructor watched. Very embarrassing!

I am used to just grabbing the knees, and spinning around to knock them down. The "lifting" was very foreign to me.

The class ended up running 20 minutes over into our free-rolling time, so I only had time for one match. I ended up paired with a 300lb ex-wrestler. Very nice guy who took it very easy on me, allowing me to work some positions and open-guard stuff before finally getting bored, crushing me with a grapevine, and choking me out.

Very tired today, despite not seeming like a "hard" class.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin