Just thought I would create a thread to keep some random training notes on.

Last night we worked on a cross-lapel choke from mount. Mount is actually not one of my favorite positions to work submissions from, as it is hard to stay balanced when doing them. My instructor gave us a good tip about using our knee to load one side of the opponent's chest when leaning over to get a choke. It did make it more diffcult to escape from underneath when the top guy did that. It also help with balance, since you can come up on the ball of the foot as you lay your knee against the opponent's chest. This allows you to post out on that foot, in case the opponent tries to sweep you to that side.

He also gave us a good tip about "curling" your arm (to drive your elbow in the opponent's chest), when doing lapel chokes. Very uncomfortable for the guy on the bottom. It does help raise the opponent's head, to facilitate going for the back of his gi.

Successfully worked the safety position, re-aquiring butterfly guard, and some sweeps in free-rolling. Didn't get any submissions, but I was rolling with a blue belt.

Starting to get a feel for using the opponent's momentum, but still far too slow to recognize it - at least compared to my stand-up stuff.
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