The way I see the no response to my reply to you is that either you're friends with DSI or world martial arts hall of fame or you're one of the inductees.

No. As oldman said, the reason no one responded to you is because your posts on the matter are extremely unclear.


You people like to use the term McDojo. I am giving you the perfect example of what a McDojo, McSensei and McHall of famer is.
And nobody has anything to say!

Perhaps you should say something then. Because, as I say, your posts are very unclear as the situation. Tell me, have you emailed those involved, or those that have bought a certificate? Have you done any investigation whatsoever into this matter YOURSELF?

If this matter is so important to you, why did it take YOU two years to respond??

Please don't come on this board and toss out accusations directed at the members here. Make a clear, well argued post or start a new thread on the topic, and people will respond.

"Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."