Maybe no one responded to your comment because they were unclear about your position... I mean how would you suggest we reconcile the differences between your two quotes?


I have no problems with the DSI or DKI orgs. . The info. I got from them helped improve my technique. They are nice people and always willing to help.



When an org. creates a means for dishonest instructors to lie/mislead students, that is truly fraud!

The way I see the no response to my reply to you is that either you're friends with DSI or world martial arts hall of fame or you're one of the inductees. (I hope I am wrong about the latter of the three).

It seems you are either kind of confused, or really confused , or three well, lets not even talk about the third option. Heres is another hint. People that come here and talk about practicing no touch knock outs, make 13 posts and leave for 2 years? Well what would you expect? What have YOU done in two years to protect the public regardng the matter.