It's been 2 years since I responded to you with the answer Dragon Society International as the org. that offered and did induct people into the world hall of fame for the cost of $300. 50 or so inducted in as "instructor of the year" The same for master instructor.

I can't believe all of these opinionated people on this site haven't said their piece.

When an org. creates a means for dishonest instructors to lie/mislead students, that is truly fraud!

The way I see the no response to my reply to you is that either you're friends with DSI or world martial arts hall of fame or you're one of the inductees. (I hope I am wrong about the latter of the three).

Students trust their teachers. They believe what their teacher says is the truth.
Every school has some kind of "creed". Honesty is always one of the most highlighted traits a martial artist is suppose to practice and display.

You people like to use the term McDojo. I am giving you the perfect example of what a McDojo, McSensei and McHall of famer is.
And nobody has anything to say!