Hi Raul,

I know this is long overdue but I just read your post introduction. Yes, you make great points about fraud. Unfortunately you may incorrect concerning dojo that don't spar could be suspect as a McDojo. We do not spar in my Shorin Ryu dojo and we are definitely far from a McDojo. Just thought you would like some other feedback. We practice Yakusoku kumite but not a free spar.




Yakusoku Kumite is a platform to supply the practitioner with the most basic concepts of body positions and principles of fighting based on the art.

This SHOULD then lead up to light contact free sparring to test those principles and body positions in a more resistant environment. The final stage is full contact fighting to gain an understanding of how to utilize the techniques against a fully resistant opponent.

Without this progression the practitioner fails to understand or is not properly trained in true timing and the dynamics of what it feels like to get hit full force.

In my opinion without some sort of free sparring your training is not going to fully enrich you in the ability to effectively and efficiently defend yourself in a real life encounter.

Be ye McDojo or not a McDojo.
"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey"