can anyone actually prove there is fraud in martial arts?

If a place advertizes 'self-defense', and then you get your ass beaten during a mugging...does your martial arts gym have to give you a refund?

If a place claims to teach an unknown family style/kata, or long-kept secret, is it provable ?

If a gym is owned by someone who was legitimately and honestly duped by the previous generation...and now they are just honestly "teaching what they were taught" - can THEY be held liable for passing on crap which they honestly believe to be the real thing?

If a magician calls his skill 'Chi' and demonstrates while wearing a martial artsy-looking he liable for people thinking his martial arts training (as oppossed to his training performing the trick) is the cause of his 'powers' and therfore pay a fortune for his training DVD's which never show how those tricks are actually done?

how about a vein-pumped gym-owner with the: "more it hurts, the better it is" overly-macho bravado mentality - who teaches caveman-level techniques with a brute-force strategy towards fighting (which is nothing more than just getting together, lifting weights and brawling)? Wouldn't that be as fraudulent as a diaper-dojo run by teens teaching slap-tag while claiming it self-defense or martial arts?

I was wrong. There is no fraud in martial arts. There are only choices.