I think that is an excellent point....at the end of the day, your not really paying someone for THEIR ability to beat people up---your paying htem to teach YOU how to do it.

In context, I rather tell people that Mike Tyson was my personal boxing coach--people would be impressed.
BUT--if I knew I was going to have to box someone for real---I'd be begging for Cus DAmato to teach me.

Another thing that often gets overlooked is that the marketing claims used by scam-a-rei seldom revolve around their personal arse-kicking abilty...but instead focus on other areas--such as persoanl ranking and line of decent of the art.

Which brings up another problem---at least in the weapons sections of the koryu--and some Chinese systems--maybe others for all I know.

Students are often just as serious about the legitmacy of the teacher as they are about his abilty to kick butt.
If a teacher is claiming to teach say Shinkage Ryu, then his abiltity to "fight good" is more than beside the point.
They are interested in the history of the art and its direct links to it past as well.

I'm sure there are lots of opinions here......I just think that there are some other aspects to consider....IMO.

There are other things to be considered here......IMO.
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.