Hello Raul:

<<Ronin... clearly you want to make this fun

Let's try and peel this martial onion! Yes, this should be fun. Do please note my questions were ~hypothetical~ I look forward to seeing how you, others might respond to such answers.

<< 1) Your teacher who trained you is dead? Whats the lineage in your system? Is it traceable? Do you have papers?

Is their a paper trail? Or a trail of any kind that you/I can objectively do the ~guided audio tour~ in reverse correct? Lets play this tape:

"...Smith now dead, trained with Dewey (a direct student of the founder), Jones, and many others more peripherally in the martial community in the late 50's and early 60's as was common practice of the era. He was a student directly for an unknown number of years with Dewey and then Jones (in his legendary inner city school) because there are no written records existing from that period, Dewey vanished from the face of the earth, and Jones is now dead and the respective group(s) went supernova splintering, and factioning several years prior to Jones actual death upto the present day. The peripheral groups from which Smith studied (rank claimed) will not respond to multiple verification requests. Their leaders who were in their 40's and 50's at that time are also now dead of natural causes. Smith's ranking cannot be verified with any certainty. He trained (and taught) with Smith for 9 years..." A long line of corpses and no governing bodies in sight.

~Hey would you mind making me a copy of your certificates, I want to check and see if you are real or fake~. Make sure people who signed them still love you, are alive and or that they do say what we both hope they say... my ability to read Tibetian/Japanese/Chinese/etc. has major limits

<< How's your technique? Can you pull it off on a resisting opponent?

Technical competance is a dangerous proof game. Lots of dangerous frauds exist. Tough and skilled are different creatures. But I understand your point. I was secretly hoping there were ~verification methods~ I hadn't thought of re: ~foreign study~ claims.

<<4) Monk? If I cant validate anything you say then why should I believe you?

Skeptic !

<<I find it interesting how this thread is beginning to be focused on my last section "External Parties"

I will apologize for my part if that helps ?