Hello Raul:

Let's jump in this with both feet

1) What do you do with the my teacher is dead factor? How do we ask a dead person if you trained with them or not?

2) They have disappeared factor? (ie ~...she trained me back in 61-68 but became an alcoholic, disappeared completely off the map routine (or some variation of that kind of story)...~) How do you penetrate that one?

3) Trained in Foreign Lands. ~... she trained near the shuri district in a school in 1975 (sic. now closed)...~
How do you get around this logistic/linguistic nightmare?

4) Monk status/monk trained individuals? ie They trained you, you claim to be a Taoist/Buddhist/Hindu/Tibetian/etc. Priest. Better yet you changed your name. How the blazes do you pin this Jello down?

I can think of a dozen more easily.