I'd just like to reiterate JAMJTX's position that it's good advice for commercial dojos, with the reminder that not every newbie is looking for a discipline for it's 'martial worth'. Face it...many people that are very happy with their arts are not concerned with the martial side/potential.

Disagree with the commercial dojo situation. However I do agree with you regarding each person's expectations regarding different aspects of the martial arts. I tried not to make the initial post to go against the flashy martial arts but I tried to make a distinction. Because, in my opinion, the flashy stuff has a higher risk of fraud.


As for scratching a bit deeper, to find non-commercial training, I think it's a bit trickier to go about verifying the 'credentials'. I wouldn't suggest the 20 questions approach if applying to koryu, or private dojos. Research is good, and an openness to answering questions is always preferable...but the 'contract' is different...and different rules apply.

Disagree. Everything applying to Koryu systems should and can be validated. Anyone can teach out of their garage and say they teach a secret, unchanged classical Japanese Koryu. What do they have to prove it. How was it handed down? Who was their teacher? can you verify it? Got Menkyo Kai Den?

Why, in your opinion, would questioning a teacher such as this would be inappropriate? Why is the contract different? What rules are different?
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