Ok, I have to ask a few questions (curiosity has been piqued and I am only asking to play devil‘s advocate). I am always curious about how folks view the sport vs. street distinctions so that's why I'm drifting here slightly....(if you all would rather us start another thread, thats cool)

IExcalibui2 wrote

yea...I was completely frustrated because he knows I'm not training for sport while his training is geared towards sport.

What is different about his approach that gears it more toward sport? What specific strategy or tactic does he use that gives you that impression?


And he only tried 3 moves on me, while the whole time I'm pressing the match. 1 was a stiff jab that caught me good.

I'm curious. Isn't the conservative approach something that isn't altogether a bad idea in the street? I'm asking because I teach guys to stay disciplined and lead with the jab while creating angles and maintaining range. Sounds to me like he was doing the same thing.


The other 2 was when he caught my kick & tried for a sweep, neither of them worked because I just jumped at him. 1st sweep, I didnt know what I was thinking, but I tried to jump up in the air and kick him in the head (some movie stuff lol). Distance was off so I kinda ran into him and we separated.

I realize that you were playing around here, but why did you take that approach if you're into a "street" approach?


2nd time I wanted to grab his head but he backed away from that so I ended up chopping him in the neck. Other than that it was a whole lot of moving in circles...I guess it was some good practice in terms of footwork

Yeah, I believe footwork is of paramount importance. But I was curious to know why you thought his use of footwork, staying well outside and being non-committal was tantamount to a "sport" mentality. Not starting [censored] mind you, just generally curious.