I'm having trouble with taller opponents in trapping range. I'm 5'7, my friends 6'3 or 6'4 big mofo, I can straight blast him, but once I reach trapping range, I cant plum or neck tie him.

I have a guy that is about 6'6". You aren't just going up and hit a plumm on guys like that, especially if they know how to bullneck. However, a knee shot might cause the taller folks to pike forward a bit,

Aside from the plumm (which I personally don't like that much), I'd try and hit an underhook on one side and with your shorter height (relative to him), you can then sag down on that arm and take away his mobility.

Another option is just to use your arms in a "double pillar" (both forearms straight up and down like you're going to ram something). Move straight inside until your arms are practically against his chest. From here you have the inside position (its a center position, just like the plumm presents). In that range, you can reach for the underhook on one side, the body lock, or just stay tight to him and work the inside tools (uppercuts/hooks followed by straights). Its really worth investigating the underhook however (body locks as well). You can knee from those positions as well as angle off and punch (moreso with the underhook).


If I'm lucky enough I can run him down with the straight blast. Sometimes immediately after the blast, I give him a real hard shove to known him down. I suppose I can try take downs, but at the moment those are extremely hard for me right now. I haven't gotten to the point where I can take down my opponent without hurting myself in the process.

Um lets see, after I've done the blast on him, I've concluded with thigh kick, my kicks are fairly hard and that seems to work.

I need more options, I cant use HKE's on him if I can't clinch him.

Anyone have suggestions?

Work on your clinch a lot more. All you need to do is to develop other positions aside from the plumm. Specifically the underhook. Like anything else, it takes time to learn the intricasies, yet completely worth the time you spend. Investigate the concept of "dirty boxing" and work on your in-fighting. That would be my advice. What I've found is that the more you work on your stand-up (outside and inside ranges), the more this will facilitate your clinch game.

Play and have fun. Thats what all this is about anyway. Enjoy yourself and branch out. Constantly push yourself to learn different approaches (though I'm sure this does not need to be said).