As you can see, I haven't been posting my workouts here since I arrived at college. I'm still working out, but not as consistantly as I should; there's no excuse, but I was kind of surprised at my workload when I got here and haven't really found the best way to balance my time yet. I've been swapping exercises around to experiment in the past 2 months; I'll post what exercises I'm using now.

Day 1

I. Barbell Back Squats 4x6-8 (tried lunges for a while, then front squats, then back to back squats. form is very good now)

II. One-Armed Snatches 4x6-8(switched to deadlifts for a bit - scraped up my legs and made me bleed in the gym once so I switched back)

III. Shrugs 4x6-8

IV. Barbell Curls 4x6-8

Day 2

I. Flat Dumbbell Press 4x6-8 (went from barbell bench to weighted dips to these)

II. Cable Rows 4x6-8( tried a bunch of different exercises including weighted pull-ups, DB rows, to plate rows which I couldn't balance. Wondering if cable rows are efficient enough or if I should do something else. I think that weighted pull-ups were hurting my potential in the shoulder exercise.

III. Military Press 4x6-8 (doing pretty well with these...back up to 95lbs)

IV. Overhead Extensions 4x6-8 (skull crushers didn't feel natural so I started using a single dumbbell in the past month - not bad)

SO, all in all I know which exercises I choose to stick with aren't that important, but that I actually pick them and consistantly work on them. Consistancy is key. After my volleyball games tonight(45mins each) I might only do some light cardio at the gym instead of a workout because I have sharp pains in my throat when I swallow. I think light cardio would better direct me towards recovery rather than an intense weightlifting workout.

Maybe I'll start posting my workouts...can't promise anything. I'll update more frequently though. If you want to make some suggestions in favor of cable rows or DB rows or weighted pullups, be my guest.
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