Hey guys, just posting an update for now. I'm now away at college, SUNY Cortland, and I've still been working out regularly for the most part. I've changed around some exercises due to plateaus, involving weighted dips instead of bench press, barbell military press rather than DB military press, and the saddest of all, lunges instead of squats. The week before I got here, I started to decline in squats. Before I was at 220x6 and now it's tough for me to do 200lbs.

Idk what it is, but I have the same sleep habits, but my eating has worsened a bit. Actually, I'm hardly snacking like I used to at home, but my main meals aren't as clean. I need to start eating more wraps and eggs and tuna sandwiches . I just switched these exercises the past couple of workouts, but I'm already improving on dips and my lunge technique/poundage looks muuuuuch better than before, with a nice, full ROM and 40lbs each hand for the first workout doing them. I'm not sure why, but when I step with my left foot, my technique couldn't be better, but I really have to focus for my right step to be correct...and I'm a righty lol

It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.