I. Barbell Bench Press
--A.7 x 135lbs
--B.6 x 135lbs
--C.4 x 135lbs
--D.5 x 135lbs

II. Weighted Chin-ups(Supine)
--A.5 x 25lbs
--B.5 x 20lbs
--C.5 x 15lbs
--D.6 x BW

III. Dumbbell Overhead Press
--A.9 x 40's
--B.7 x 45's
--C.7 x 45's
--D.5 x 45's

IV. Overhead Dumbbell Extensions
--A.7 x 40lbs
--B.7 x 45lbs
--C.7 x 45lbs
--D.7 x 45lbs

Comments: Bad day for chin-ups. Switched up exercises a bit. I don't really like the barbell bench press; it is not as natural as the dumbbell press. May switch next workout.
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