Lower Body

I. Squats
--A.8 x 190lbs
--B.8 x 200lbs
--C.7 x 210lbs
--D.6 x 220lbs

II. One-Armed Dumbbell Snatches
--A.8,8 x 60lbs
--B.7,7 x 60lbs
--C.6,6 x 60lbs
--D.6,6 x 60lbs

II. Barbell Curls
--A.8 x 70lbs
--B.8 x 70lbs
--C.7 x 75lbs
--D.6 x 75lbs

Comments: Gym closed so I finished workout in garage. Didn't feel like setting up shrugs because they take just as long to set up as they do to perform. Good workout.
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