Lower Body

I. Barbell Squats
--A.8 x 190lbs
--B.8 x 200lbs
--C.7 x 210lbs
--D.4 x 225lbs

II. Dumbbell Snatches
--A.8,8 x 60lbs
--B.7,7 x 60lbs
--C.7,7 x 60lbs
--D.6,6 x 60lbs

III. Shrugs supersetted with Barbell Curls
--A.8 x 265lbs | 7 x 70lbs
--B.8 x 275lbs | 8 x 70lbs
--C.8 x 280lbs | 7 x 70lbs
--D.7 x 285lbs | 6 x 70lbs

Comments: Good workout. Wished I did better on snatches and maybe a little better one squats. Weight will come soon...hopefully
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.