Lower Body

I. Leg Press (squat rack occupied)
--A.8 x 270lbs
--B.8 x 280lbs
--C.8 x 290lbs
--D.8 x 300lbs

II. Dumbbell Snatches
--A.8,8 x 55lbs
--B.8,8 x 60lbs
--C.7,7 x 65lbs

III. Shrugs supersetted with barbell curls
--A.8 x 260lbs | 10 x 60lbs
--B.8 x 270lbs | 7 x 70lbs
--C.8 x 280lbs | 6 x 70lbs

Comments: Rushed workout and cut sets because I had plans. Didn't have enough time to wait for squat rack, so I just used the leg press. On the shrugs my grip felt much, much stronger and so did my traps. When I get to the last 2 sets of snatches, I really find it in myself to use explosive power in my legs to get that weight up, and I hardly feel it in my upper body. I'll try to get the same explosiveness on my earlier sets.
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