Workout B

I. Flat DB Press
--A.8 x 55's
--B.7 x 60's
--C.6 x 60's
--D.5 x 60's

II. Chin-Ups (pronated)
--A.8 x BW+10lbs
--B.6 x BW+10lbs
--C.5 x BW
--D.5 x BW (supine)

III. Arnold Press
--A.10 x 30's
--B.8 x 35's
--C.7 x 40's
--D.6 x 40's

IV. Skull Crushers
--A.8 x 65lbs
--B.8 x 70lbs
--C.5 x 70lbs
--D.3 x 70lbs

Comments: Good workout. The trainer said that the E-Z curl bar weighed 15lbs, but I'm not sure if he's right. I'll weigh is sometime. Are standing overhead extentions fine instead of skull crushers, because I'd rather use a dumbbell and it's hard to use a heavy dumbbell for skull crushers without hitting your head...
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.