Workout B

I. Flat Dumbbell Press
--A.8 x 50's
--B.7 x 55's
--C.6 x 55's
--D.4 x 55's

II. Chin-Ups - Supine
--A.10 x BW
--B.7 x BW
--C.6 x BW
--D.5 x BW

III. Arnold Press(is this okay?)
--A.8 x 30's
--B.8 x 30's
--C.6 x 35's
--D.5 x 35's

IV. Skull Crushers
--A.8 x 65lbs
--B.5 x 70lbs
--C.6 x 70lbs
--D.7 x 65lbs

Comments: Worked out at home - weights are heavier compared to gym's. Good workout, low weight for skull crushers felt like a ton - probably because I hadn't done them in forever and because I did 3 exercises previous to them...but I could care less about the weight for my arm exercises.
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