If you can perform romanian DL's well, and feel comfortable with them, then go for it.

Split grip in deadlift will only cause inbalance if you 'split' the same way all the time. I alternate which hand is 'over' and which 'under' every set, and have never experienced any problem. Same with the bicep tear- as long as you dont use STRAPS, then you will not push your body beyond its limits as a whole.

I dont count cable crossovers as unilateral work for the shoulders- they are still an adduction movement, and as such will primarily rely on the chest.

Unilateral work is good stuff, a nice way of increasing core engagement and coordination, but I dont think that, in its very essence, it makes you less prone to injury- for example, if all you ever did was unilateral work, then you would change up for some bi-lateral work for further adaption.

Snatches are great- uni or bi lateral, but remember that you are training for hypertrophy, so treating them as a shoulder builder may not be the best plan, as they are a full body movement.

How about this?
Squat x4
uni-lateral dumbell snatch x8 (4 sets each side, alternatng set by set)
Shrug x4
Curls x4

This negates the need for any form of deadlift, as the basic power generation in the snatches comes from the same hip drive.

Then you keep the upperbody routine the same (with the pressess) and you have a very powerful dynamic routine, that also encourages shoulder mobility/stability.
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