Workout A

I. Sumo Deadlifts (first because squat rack was occupied)
--A.6 x 225lbs
--B.4 x 205lbs
--C.6 x 205lbs

II. Squats
--A.8 x 165lbs
--B.7 x 175lbs
--C.7 x 175lbs
--D.6 x 185lbs

III. Shrugs
--A.8 x 265lbs
--B.8 x 265lbs
--C.6 x 275lbs
--D.6 x 275lbs

IV. E-Z Bar Curls
--A.8 x 75lbs
--B.6 x 75lbs
--C.5 x 75lbs
--D.4 x 75lbs

Comments: I tried sumo deadlifts for the first time...major leg scrape-age . I was having trouble with the weight and my torso/hips were not working as one, so I stopped after 3 sets. I probably should have just lowered the weight and sucked it up, but it's too late for that now . Then I tried doing squats afterwards, since the rack was free. I put on 190lbs and did one rep and was like..."not happening," lol. Next time I'll just wait for the rack by doing some more cardio warm-up so that I don't tire myself before squats. Shrugs were fine and curls were refreshing as I hadn't done any in 12 months.

I talked to a trainer after my workout about my deadlift form. He said that he always watches my form when I do squats and such and he was watching my DL form (it's a very small gym) and he said that my form for both were fine. My shoulders/back were in line and everything. We got into a 5 minute conversation about working out in general and he said that a lot of physical therapists said that romanian deadlifts are one of the best exercises for posterior work. I'm actually tempted to do these instead of sumo deadlifts, as I remember how sore my glutes/hams used to get when I was doing a conventional/romanian deadlifts workout routine for legs(before I joined gym). Cord, would this suffice for deadlifts? Sumo better? I don't believe that my shoulders will stay in the correct alignment with conventional deadlifts.

He also made sure to tell me about switching up types of exercises and workouts to keep injury free. He said every once in a while (4 months) its good to throw in some unilateral work(correct term?), like 1-legged deadlifts, cable crossovers for shoulders, 1-armed chest press, snatches, clean and press, etc. Anything to keep the body guessing and injury free. He said that the gym is actually getting kettlebells soon - I'll be sure to let you guys know when so maybe you can suggest some exercises involving those. And also, he said that he too used to use a mixed grip for shrugs and deadlifts, but then a physical therapist he knows said that many power/olympic lifters don't use that grip any more because it makes you prone to a bicep injury or imbalance with the hand that is supinated during the grip...is this true? Help me sort the good and bad/inexperienced advice of this guy I talked to . BTW I would love to do romanian deadlifts(shoulders would never droop forward because you don't touch the ground every rep) for deads and 1-armed snatches for shoulders(I can do correct form on snatch, not cleans because there is no rotation of the elbows in the snatch - that's where I had trouble with the exercise...and I'm more comfortable with dumbbells if I were to snatch).

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