Upper Body

I. Incline DB Press
--A.9 x 55's
--B.7 x 55's
--C.6 x 55's
--D.5 x 55's

II. Chin-Ups (Pronated)
--A.9 x BW
--B.6 x BW
--C.7 x BW
--D.5 x BW

III. Seated DB Press
--A.8 x 45's
--B.6 x 45's
--C.4 x 45's

IV. Shrugs
--A.8 x 270lbs
--B.8 x 280lbs
--C.6 x 290lbs (grip slipping)

Comments: Haven't been consistant. Done with school, so I should be good from now on...bad workout
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