Lower Body

I. Front Squats
--A.8 x 145lbs
--B.8 x 155lbs
--C.6 x 165lbs
--D.5 x 165lbs

II. Leg Press (only counting plates added. Is there added weight like a barbell has that you calculate?
--A.6 x 270lbs
--B.8 x 230lbs
--C.8 x 230lbs
--D.8 x 240lbs

III. Weighted Crunches
--A.12 x 35lbs
--B.10 x 40lbs
--C.10 x 45lbs
--D.9 x 45lbs

Comments: Legs were cramping duing squats - I'll warm up beforehand next time. Wanted a bigger leg exercise after squats, so I decided to try the leg press, which I enjoyed. I know that the leg press is just like squats w/o the core stability needed; is it alright to do squats then leg press?
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.