Upper Body

I. Incline Dumbbell Press
--A.8 x 55's
--B.6 x 55's
--C.6 x 55's
--D.2 x 60's

II. Chin-ups (supinated with a wider grip)
--A.10 x BW
--B.7 x BW
--C.6 x BW
--D.5 x BW

III. Seated DB Overhead Press
--A.10 x 35's
--B.7 x 40's
--C.6 x 40's

IV. Shrugs
--A.8 x 255lbs
--B.7 x 265lbs
--C.5 + 3 x 275lbs

Comments: Good workout. On the last set of incline bench press it took so much out of me just to get the first rep up which set me up for a failed set. Next time I'll remember to use my momentum for the first rep and just not count it. Chin-up grip felt great. OH press was nice and I feel more comfortable sitting down. I was losing my grip on shrugs so on the last set I put the weight down and quickly picked it back up to finish the set.
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