Upper Body

I. Incline Dumbbell Press
--A.10 x 45's
--B.9 x 50's
--C.8 x 55's
--D.5 x 55's

II. Chin-ups
--A.9 x BW (pronated)
--B.7 x BW (supine)
--C.5 x BW (hammer)

III. Standing Barbell Military Press
--A.8 x 85lbs
--B.6 x 90lbs
--C.4 x 90lbs

IV. Shrugs
--A.10 x 245lbs
--B.8 x 255lbs
--C.8 x 265lbs

Comments: Joined Energy Fitness Gym today. I went around 8:00pm and finished around 8:45pm, which is unusual for me. It's a really small gym, but it has everything I could need, as I don't use machines at all. It only took me 45mins total, and I was new to the gym and had to sign up first. The convienience of the equipment compared to my home setup is 10x better; I can just pick up any pair of dumbbells I like, which I should hardly ever have a problem with waiting for a pair, since mostly older people who don't use the heavy weights I do go there. There's only one power rack, along with a separate smith machine, but I didn't have to wait for it to do my military press and shrugs. If I wanted to, I could set the safety bars to the bottom pin, which would fix my deadlift problem.

It wasn't crowded at all, and being a monday night, how much more crowded can it get on a weekday? I'm thinking of only working out during the week so that I won't have to worry about it being crowded during the shorter weekend hours.

Overall it's a nice gym with a friendly atmosphere and I'm glad I joined. I swear 75% of the people were 35+ years old and had a trainer teaching them isolation movements.

I should start to improve on chin-ups and military press soon

BTW, Cord , please read a few posts back asking about my leg day...
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.