I've come up with a more effective leg day workout:

I. Clean to front squat (1 clean, 2 front squats, deload, repeat) - the extra cleans are to improve form.

II. Barbell overhead squats - might do same thing but with snatches. Think I should

III. Weighted Crunches

IV. Stretching

Is this a good idea? I think this will target my legs better than lunges, which were not the best for me in terms of balance and stiffness in my right knee. Squats feel 10x more natural - much more balanced and puts hardly any pressure on the knees. The only problem I see is using too much upperbody by practicing extra cleans/snatches - I'd wait until the weight became moderate/heavy with no form flaws to stop the extra cleans/snatches, which could be a while...

Cord, I know it seems like I never stick to your advice all the way through, but I feel as though I could be doing more effective exercises, such as these, while working on my stretching to become more flexible.

BTW I will post about 3 workout that I have yet to in a few hours.
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