Lower Body

I. Speed Jope - 10min with 1 break inbetween

II. Walking Lunges(reps for each leg)
--A.10 x 80lbs.
--B.8 x 80lbs.
--C.8 x 85lbs.
--D.8 x 85lbs.

III. Stretching(if you don't understand, refer to previous pages)
--A. R,L,M - 10sec
--B. Kick heights - 4th height
--C. Deadlift pose - 15sec
--D. Repeat ABC

IV. Weighted Crunches with first 2 sets supersetted with medicine ball push-ups
--A.12 x 26lbs. | 10x right, left
--B.10 x 30lbs. | 10x right, left
--C.11 x 36lbs.
--D.10 x 36lbs.

V. V-sits - 10sec each position, 2 sets

Comments: Form on lunges was bad until last set - this is why I kept it light...Last set I made bigger lunges and my right side felt more comfortable/balanced. Going to start stretching every day

BTW, not really sick anymore and I felt great doing this workout tonight, even while doing lunges/speed rope outside And HAPPY EASTER!@!, I didn't hold back from pigging out because I was so worried about it, but because I just don't like to anymore. While I had a cold/didn't feel well I naturally got thinner and I liked the way I looked. I know its because I didn't eat as much because my appetite from being all stuffed up and feeling sick. Even thinner people have to watch out for over-eating...

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