Lower Body

I. Split squats(lunge position, no lunge)-rep each leg
--A.8 x 65lbs
--B.10 x 65lbs
--C.12 x 70lbs
--D.10 x 70lbs

II. Stretching
--A.Right, left, middle - 10sec
--B.Kick heights - 3rd height
--C.Deadlift form pose - 15sec
--E.Kick heights - all same volume
--F.Deadlift form pose

III. Weighted crunches - 10sec V-sits in between sets(only rest)
--A.10 x 25lbs
--B.12 x 20lbs
--C.10 x 20lbs
--D.10 x 20lbs

IV. Stretching
--A.Deadlift form pose - 15sec
--B.1-leg forward bend down - 10sec
--C.R,L,M - 10sec
--D.DL pose form
--E.1-leg forward

Comments: Very nice. For 1-legged stretch: Standing, put one leg forward and bend down and touch foot(leg straight). Keep back foot flat to stretch calves. Finger tips were about 3in past feet during v-sits . To see explanation of stretches, go back to previous leg day.
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