Nevermind that post, I'm just having withdrawals from deadlifts . Training hasn't really been my priority in the past few months. Starting tomorrow I'm going to really hit it heavy and not miss any days. I think my lack of sleep may have something to do with my lack of motivation. I'm going to look into making a platform as a temporary solution to deadlifts. PLEASE HELP WITH STRETCHING! A general stretching routine would be very appreciated.

The problem with my flexibility doesn't lie in my hamstrings - I get about 30+cm on the sit and reach test. It has to do with extreme pressure on my knees when my stance is too narrow. I'm only comfortable squatting down when my feet are pointed more outwards than most people and when my heels are about 18in apart from eachother. Maybe if I got used to a wide grip I could do deadlifts, though my hands would literally be about 3-3.5 feet apart...hmm...sumo + lunges? Or maybe its time to find somewhere to squat.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.