Lower Body/Abs

I. DB Lunges
--A.10 x 25lbs (each leg, dumbbell)
--B.10 x 30lbs
--C.9 x 36lbs
--D.8 x 36lbs

II. Stretching
--A.Right, Left, Mid(lean on right foot and touch ground, same with left, feet together for mid) - 10 seconds each
--B.Kick heights(kick to waist level 3x, then go up a foot) - 3rd height each leg (about 2 feet above waist)
--C.Body Squat/DL(kind of like a sumo deadlift, as I touch the ground between my legs with both hands, keeping my shoulders back) - 15 reps
--Repeat each exercise once more

III. Weighted Crunches
--A.13 x 20lbs.
--B.13 x 20lbs.
--C.12 x 26lbs.

IV. Stretching
--Same as before

Comments: Good workout. Kept weight shifted forward on lunges - only technique that is comfortable. Need help with stretching, but tonight's was a nice start.
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