Today I noticed that my conventional deadlift form was incorrect. Since I am using a standard bar, the plates are not as big as olympic sized plates, therefore the bar is lower to the ground, which results in me rounding my upper back. Being 6'2" doesn't help the situation either...

Since I now cannot do deadlifts, and do not have a squat rack, I need a solution. I was thinking about either going to my school gym on leg days on my one day off of work a week. This plan has its flaws though, because when school is out for extended periods of time, and when I have 2 leg days a week, meaning I'd be doing one leg day on the weekend, I'd have no access to the school gym. I'm considering joining a real gym, but I'm not so sure as of now because I know that I will pretty much be doing the same routine as I am now, just with different exercises on my leg days. The accessability also changes, as I have been spoiled with the luxury of being able to work out at home whenever I please. I feel as though I can focus more by myself, but I am willing to join a gym if I have no other option. Oh, and it also costs $$$, which I've never had to pay for at my own home

Before I decide, I am going to see if I can be innovative and create some leverage with wood(?) where the plates would sit on. Please do not bash this as a "safety issue," as I know that safety comes before anything. All of my other innovations have been safe (ex. two chairs side by side for dips; they each have 95lbs. of weight on them and are very, very sturdy)

But as for now, I tried a different routine today. I did 4 sets of romanian deadlifts and then 2 sets of barbell lunges. I worked on my lunge form, and I would have done more sets, but my glutes/hamstrings were so tight that I couldn't do anymore. It really hit my legs, but I'm not sure the routine hits my quads enough. I'll post the workout tomorrow - notebook is downstairs and it's late

It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.