Upper Body

I. Weighted Dips
--A.10 x 25lbs.
--B.9 x 30lbs.
--C.9 x 35lbs.
--D.8 x 40lbs.

II. Chin-ups(sup)
--A.9 x BW
--B.7 x BW
--C.7 x BW
--D.6 x BW

III. DB Military Press
--A.8 x 36lbs.
--B.6 x 36lbs.
--C.7 x 30lbs.

IV. Shrugs
--A.10 x 225lbs.
--B.8 x 240lbs.
--C.8 x 255lbs.

Comments: Nice workout. On last set of military press, I concentrated on not locking out and keeping my shoulder blades tight so that I would not engage my triceps and would only be using my shoulders.

BTW I took so many days off between my last upper body workout and my lower body because I hurt my hand and my back was still tight from 02-4-08. It's all good now.
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